How to Use Pinch to Zoom on YouTube


Use YouTube’s pinch-to-zoom feature to examine small elements in any video. Use the methods below to zoom in and out on your mobile device.

Thanks to YouTube’s pinch-to-zoom feature, it’s simple to look at every minute detail in videos from your favorite creators. Pan and zoom capabilities are available in the YouTube mobile app for video content.

You can zoom an area up to eight times to inspect exceedingly small details. In this tutorial,

How to Use Pinch to Zoom on YouTube

the pinch-to-zoom feature for YouTube videos on mobile and tablet devices will be shown.

How to Modify YouTube’s Zoom Settings

The pinch-to-zoom feature is helpful whether you’re watching wrestling videos on YouTube or free online programming courses. You can see the lecturer’s whiteboard or the game more clearly without moving closer to the screen.

How to enlarge or reduce the zoom in YouTube videos

  • You can enter full-screen mode by tapping the YouTube video first, then the rectilinear box in the bottom right.
  • If full-screen mode is on, use two fingers to touch the screen twice inside the video. To zoom in on a portion of the video, move your fingers over that spot.
  • While your fingers are still in touch with the screen, spread them apart to create more space. While watching a YouTube video, the zoom level is shown at the top of the screen. Release your grip on the screen once you’ve adjusted the video’s zoom level to your liking.
  • To zoom out, touch the screen twice with two fingers in different places, then move all of your fingers at once. If, after playing the video again, the word Native displays where a number normally would, then you’ve reached the video’s original resolution.
    After you’ve zoomed in, YouTube makes it straightforward to move the playhead to the specific video you wish to examine in detail. Like gazing at a close-up photograph, you have to touch the video with your finger and move it to the proper spot.

On YouTube, any video may be analysed.

With the pinch-to-zoom feature, you can view the action on YouTube in more detail. Use the zoom feature whenever you need to focus on a particular part of the video, whether you’re watching a tutorial or a highlight reel of a sporting event.

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