How You Can Make Stonecutter Minecraft By Using Ingredients


Stone-related blocks can be produced using the stonecutter Minecraft tool in smaller and more precise quantities compared to crafting. Additionally, stone masons have utilized it as a task website block. In place of the crafting table, the stonecutter can be used to create several stone-connected blocks. It enables you to steer clear of actions required to construct particular building blocks, such as broken stone bricks. The making procedure would involve several steps. Nether brick walls cannot be crafted by the stonecutter.

How You Can Make Stonecutter Minecraft By Using Ingredients

The Stonecutter is now fully working in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (Pocket Edition, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Nintendo Change). Additionally, you can check to see if a Minecraft server needs extra RAM.

Let’s check how to make a stone cutter!

Supported Platforms

The stonecutter is present in the following Minecraft versions:

  • Iteration * Platform and assistance.
  • Support for Java on PCs and Macs (1.14 ).
  • PE, or Pocket Edition (PE).
  • Xbox One (1.2 ). (1.2 ).
  • PS4( 1.91 ). ( 1.91 ). ( 1.91 ).
  • Switch to Nintendo (1.5.0). (1.5.0).
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition
  • Edition for education.

Bedrock Edition is the new name for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Editions. As with previous versions, we will continue to reveal them one at a time. Check reading articles similar to Minecraft Aka. ms/remote connect Error.


The instrument that stonecutters can mine with the quickest is a pickaxe. Mining a Minecraft stonecutter without a pickaxe is laborious and does not cause the stonecutter to drop its item.


Within stone mason dwellings in villages, stonecutter production is possible.
Crafting functional components from scratch.


Any Stone + Iron Ingot (only the Bedrock Edition) (Bedrock Edition just).
In Survival Mode, how to craft a Stonecutter

1. Include Items to make a Stonecutter

You should see a crafting site made up of a 33-crafting grid in the crafting menu. In the 33 crafting grid, place one iron ingot and three stones to make a stone cutter. Additionally, you can read the greatest article Play Minecraft on Xbox and PC simultaneously

2. Open the Crafting Menu

Make sure you have the 33 crafting grid by gaining access to your crafting table.

3. Move the Stonecutter to Stock

When a stonecutter is complete, you should stock up on it.

In the realm of Minecraft, you have successfully constructed a stonecutter!

Uses for it

I am altering occupation

Any nearby villager who hasn’t yet selected a task website block has the option to change their occupation to stonemason if a town contains a stonecutter that hasn’t been declared by a villager. Review another article at Appzilla. VIP.


Most rock-based goods could be created on the stonecutter by using it as a crafting table. It enables you to avoid taking certain actions, like splitting a stone block into ripped stone bricks, to make specific blocks. There would be several steps involved in crafting this. Additionally, you can read the greatest article on TweakDoor

More Info

Despite the iron blade’s appearance of rapid rotation, it has no hitbox and deals no damage. The stonecutter only needs four blocks to make four stairs, whereas the crafting dish needs six blocks to make the same number of steps. Check out Chromecast Kodi as well.

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