How to Fix the Issue of Not Working


Netgear is one of the best firms in the world for making the fastest wireless routers. Many people have Netgear WiFi routers set in their houses so that they may connect to the internet at lightning speed.. But some users say they run into the not working not working issue when they try to log in to their routers

How to Fix the Issue of Not Working

Are you one of these people? If you answered “yes,” you might want to read this post. Here, we’ve listed some of the best troubleshooting tips that will help you get to without any problems. So keep reading.

Why isn’t working?

There are a lot of potential causes for to be malfunctioning for you. We’ll go through a few of the most typical examples here:

  • You haven’t updated the Netgear router firmware update.
  • The wrong URL was entered while attempting to access the administration web of your Netgear router.
  • Your wireless connection is being broken.
  • One of the physical components of your Netgear wireless router has failed.
  • There is a problem with the way your Netgear router is linked to your modem.
  • Unfortunately, might now be inaccessible due to technical issues.

If isn’t working, read on to learn how to fix the issue. is fixed. Not Working

Reboot up your Netgear router again.

It is recommended that you reboot your Netgear wireless router before proceeding. Here are the actions you must take to reboot your wireless device:

  • Take your Netgear router out of the wall and turn it off.
  • Allow some time.
  • Plug your Netgear router back into the wall and turn it on.

Now, use to connect to your Netgear router. Are you able to do so? If not, it is recommended that you continue reading.

Use the Right Internet Address

As discussed before, the not working issue may also be caused by a wrong web address. If you tried to log in to your Netgear router using the wrong web address, you need right correct your error.

If you are still facing issue with not working, you could try using the default IP, which is

Update the Netgear firmware

You may also fix the issue by working your home router’s firmware. Don’t wait—update your device’s firmware.
User manuals may help you update firmware.

Check the Ethernet link

Maintaining the Netgear router-modem connection might also fix the not working issue. If your Ethernet cable is good, you can do this.

Don’t let WiFi get in the way

Avoid placing your Netgear wireless router near treadmills, TVs, mirrors, fish tanks, cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Don’t place your device near strong concrete walls either.

Restart your Netgear Router

If “ not working” persists, try a “factory default reset.”

  • Here’s how to restore your device’s factory settings:
  • “Reset” is on your Netgear wireless router.
  • Press the Reset button with a sharp item after finding it Wait.

Finished resetting? Set your device. You may fix the not working issue by resetting and reconfiguring your Netgear wireless router.


Our detailed instructions on how to restore normal operation to have come to an end. Following the advice in this page, you should be able to fix the issue you’re facing, we hope.

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