ContentFly Review How Good Is Their Content? – Pros & Cons 2023


Review of ContentFly: How Important Is Their Content? In order to evaluate ContentFly’s services, I purchased a blog post from them. Popular content platform ContentFly Review has received many positive reviews. So how would you describe my experience?

ContentFly Review How Good Is Their Content? – Pros & Cons 2023

You may learn more about ContentFly Review in this post by reading the information below;

The platform is effective and provides a variety of sufficient material to post on your website, which is the simple answer. Their easy-to-use online purchase process and professional work met expectations for a big-name article writing business.

To learn more about what I liked and didn’t like about this platform, read my whole ContentFly review.


simple setup of content
transparent and uncomplicated price structure
a variety of content choices
Numerous writers are accessible.


There is no pay-as-you-go option offered.
inconsistent content quality


The authors at ContentFly, a reputable article writing service, appear to be competent. Although big content orders can be expensive, the platform is perfect for companies looking to establish a long-term content strategy (although more reasonably priced content creation services are available). The dashboard was quite user-friendly, and I thought the quality of the given information was higher than with most other online content businesses.
(3rd Party Reviews) ContentFly

Reviews on Trustpilot

The majority of the Trustpilot evaluations for ContentFly are great (see here). The majority of reviewers (83%), who awarded them the highest rating, gave them an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Examine Mailerlite Review as well.

One thing I did observe is that many of these evaluations are submitted by their content staff rather than just by customers. Furthermore, there is no grey area; reviews are either “excellent” or “bad.”

Review of G2

On the G2, ContentFly has received excellent ratings with a 4.5 out of 5 star average (see here).

Two of the 12 reviews were produced by their team’s own writers. The bulk of reviews are positive and focus on the excellent craftsmanship and simple ordering process.

There is only one negative review of ContentFly on this website. The critic brings up the inconsistency and subpar quality of the stuff they generate.

Once more, there is no in-between with these reviews. Either they are unduly upbeat or they are overly pessimistic.
My ContentFly Adventures

I went through the procedure of buying a piece of blog material for my ContentFly review. I’ll go over the steps that are necessary for this.

I’ll discuss my entire opinion of their article writing service, including my thoughts on the purchasing procedure and the calibre of the content I received.

There are four basic phases in the overall ordering process for content. You must first register for the service and set up a profile. Next, you make a content request using the dashboard. A few days later, the editorial staff provides you the material that they have written for you.

Participating in

The procedure of signing up is rather straightforward. The first step is to sign up using your email address and create a password.

Then, before continuing, you must enter the information from your credit card. When you join up for the service, you are charged right away without providing you the chance to check out their dashboard before placing an order for material.

You select your monthly word count when you sign up, and each has a different monthly subscription charge. It may be billed each month or annually. Following that, you are immediately charged for the first month (or year).

The drawback of this is that you can’t just buy one piece of material; you have to sign up for a subscription.

However, if you decide to cancel before writing your 4000 words, ContentFly will give you a complete refund. This entails that you may make a single content request, get it, and then cancel your membership.

You may schedule a call with their sales staff to walk you through the platform if you’re still hesitant at this time. However, the service is rather simple, and their website provides all the details you want to get going.

After registering, you may go into your content dashboard and place your first order.

Overall, if you’re willing to spend a minimum of $375 USD up front, the enrolment procedure is easy and enables you to buy stuff in a matter of minutes.

For every piece of requested material, ContentFly charges a set price. 4000 words cost $375 USD per month up to 32,000 words cost $3000 USD per month.

The number of words you have left over at the end of each month carries over to the following one if you don’t utilise them all. Given that you always receive stuff at the same rate, this arrangement is rather equitable.

However, the consistency of the stuff you receive is the issue. The cost does not change, but does the writing quality?

Three separate layers are used by ContentFly to structure its authors. The highest-rated writers, or Tier 1, receive early access to the work that is made public. The lowest rated writers, those in Tier 3, create whatever material Tiers 1 and 2 didn’t select. View the Dezgo AI Tool Review as well.

Therefore, you may receive content from a tier 1 writer or a tier 3 writer while paying the same price. Other writing providers, like Crowd writing, have several pricing tiers for authors of various experience levels.

However, ContentFly asserts that they only choose the top 1% of authors after a rigors selection procedure. The writing quality is likewise highly praised in the majority of ContentFly evaluations.
Making Your Purchase

With ContentFly, placing your purchase is straightforward. On the platform’s dashboard, you can simply request whatever kind of material you desire, and the editorial team will process it.

The dashboard is easy to use and provides straightforward templates for creating your brief and submitting your request.

ContentFly provides social media postings, newsletter and email campaign copy, landing page copy, and blog articles.
Reaction Time

A 1000 word article can often be turned around in 5 days, according to ContentFly. According to my experience, this is true. You might have to wait longer if you order more content.
Content Excellence

Finally, the crucial query: How strong was the content?

I requested a short blog entry of 1000 words. This was a 4000-word sample from a monthly package.

Publish This Article, Would You?

The article I got was excellent. Before I ever considered posting it, it needed some alterations to better reflect my tone of voice because it wasn’t flawless.

The post didn’t seem to have been written by someone with a lot of marketing knowledge, which was my main issue. Instead, it simply seemed like a very typical piece of material that anyone with a passable command of the English language might produce. Verify Review as well.

Consequently, the writing was of a high calibre but lacked creativity.
Which Errors Did I Discover?

There were no glaring faults in the article; everything was true. The fact that the numbers given contained links to their sources and were free of language mistakes made me delighted. For a hot topic, the Copyscape score of 6% plagiarism was acceptable.

The essay was appropriately organised, had the right titles, and the various sections flowed naturally.

My only complaint is that there weren’t more in-depth explanations and examples in the essay. Even if the article’s word count was quite low, the author might have explored the subject more thoroughly. To fully comprehend the subject, I would probably need to read one or two other sources if I came across this article in a search result.

Having said that, there were no significant problems, so I could publish my blog entry.
Consumer Assistance

In my experience, there was no need for customer service. I merely submitted and received my content purchase via the dashboard. Although a human aspect would have been wonderful, this was effective.

The majority of ContentFly reviews mention how polite and helpful the customer service is. I’ll have to believe what they say.
Options for ContentFly

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