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The Best Software For Project Management For Freelancers

The Best Software For Project Management For Freelancers

Keeping track of all of your numerous assignments is one of the most difficult elements of being a freelancer. Missing a deadline could result in the loss of clients and unfavourable reviews, while neglecting a project component could lead to sleepless nights.Having reliable project management software facilitates the organisation of each project, including invoicing and tax filing. There is a variety of project management software available for freelancers, ranging from free to premium alternatives. In addition to Indy Software and Trello, the best available project management software Freelancers struggle to manage their many assignments. is Trello. Here is why they are on top.


One of the free options, Trello, is a great way to keep track of all your projects. You can make a board for each project, and you can also make smaller boards inside the larger boards. Set due dates for each task to make sure you don’t forget to do something important for your project.

It’s also simple to move a task from one board to another if you put it in the wrong place or want to move it to “done” or “waiting for client feedback.”

You may also include much more than a deadline on each board, such as a to-do list, comprehensive notes, and labels. You may also add the Trello Calendar Power-Up option, which automatically syncs your Trello deadlines to your calendar software.

Other interesting Power-Up options are Google Drive and Slack. These Power-Ups, as well as the sharing features provided, making it simple to interact with other freelancers or your customer.

Trello’s iOS and Android mobile apps sync seamlessly with the desktop interface, providing the ability to remove notifications from all devices at once. This function minimises confusion if you access your account from numerous devices on a frequent basis.

Trello has three different tiers. The free option is ideal for freelancers because there are no restrictions on the amount of cards, members, storage, or activity records. If you need more than one Power-Up per board, you must upgrade to Business Class, while Enterprise is appropriate for large businesses.


Asana is like Trello in that it makes project management easier. You can set tasks, group them into projects, and put projects for the same client in a portfolio.

The inbox makes it easy to see if anyone has sent you a message, if there are any upcoming deadlines, or if collaborators or clients have made any changes.

You can choose between a “sticky note” option and a “list” view. No matter which view you choose, you can filter by tasks that aren’t done or by criteria you choose yourself. You can also look at your account in calendar mode, which shows you all of the deadlines that are coming up in the next month.

If you already use other software and apps, you’ll love that Asana works well with a lot of them, as well as its competitors like Trello.

Asana is very easy to change. Some freelancers might love that, but others might want something simpler that doesn’t take as much time to design.

Asana’s free plan has most of the features freelancers need, like a calendar view and unlimited storage. The paid plans, on the other hand, are better for companies that need to manage teams.


Weareindy is an all-inclusive project management software that includes everything you need to keep track of your projects, from marketing to management to paying.

In contrast to Trello, Indy also provides marketing tools, such as proposal templates, and a networking tool called Profiles, which helps you acquire clients in the first place. Create a detailed contract using Indy’s templates before beginning the project to protect yourself legally.

By applying filters or shifting tasks from one project to another, you can keep track of the varied tasks for each project. The tasks tool also allows you to assign tags, allowing you to quickly determine which project has the most outstanding tasks. The deadline and reminders function ensures that your work is also submitted on time. Utilize the Indy Time Tracker as you work to create invoices using the Indy templates.

With Indy’s free trial, you may test each tool to determine which ones you need. Choose between the $16 per month Pro Bundle, which includes all the tools, or the $5 per tool per month à la carte option. All settings are accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Improve Your Projects With Software

Using project management software makes it easier to tackle with the administrative side of freelancing, allowing you to focus on developing the best goods possible. There are numerous options accessible, depending on whether you want something basic or something more extensive. Try out a free version and see what works best for you.

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